Shadow Child update

Novel in its final stages at last! Completion aimed for the end of the year. Here is an excerpt to whet your appetite:

   He found an empty bench along a deserted stretch of the riverbank and sat to light a cigarette, in no hurry to get back home yet and just enjoying the solitude. His mind roamed around the earlier meeting with Georges and it triggered a chain of thought that aspired to make sense of the day. Rene’s irrelevance ensured that she was soon forgotten and when he started to relax, he put together an altogether different plan. With one arm draped across the back of the bench, the other mechanically drew the cigarette to his mouth and he inhaled deeply, savouring the taste and the moment, satisfied that he was making the right decision. Across the river, offices disgorged the last of the workforce, each small figure collectively forming spokes of a wheel going out in all directions. It was not a place to loiter, but rather get away from, perhaps stopping at a bar beforehand, perhaps meeting up with friends, perhaps meeting a lover. Perhaps finishing with a lover. 

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