Paris, Picasso and Me

Second draft is now underway and here is a taste of what it is about:

Olivia was beautiful, blonde and an exceptionally talented writer. With little to trouble her beyond life’s usual misfortunes, she thrived. However, following an unhappy spell in a London; a hastily arranged marriage; and an early pregnancy, tragedy followed. Her baby dies. Suffering a breakdown and a disintegrating marriage she moves back in with her parents before finding the courage to go it alone once again.

As a single mother with an exuberant five-year old daughter she moves to an old house with a leaking roof in a poorer part of town. Money is tight but she encounters new people in her life who help transform it for the better. They come in several guises: a therapist; an old school friend; and not least, an elderly neighbour with a remarkable past. As her writing once more rises to the fore the old lady’s tale of an encounter in Paris is revealed and will be the turning point of Olivia’s writing career.

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