Paris, Picasso and Me

Second draft is now underway and here is a taste of what it is about: Olivia was beautiful, blonde and an exceptionally talented writer. With little to trouble her beyond life’s usual misfortunes, she thrived. However, following an unhappy spell in a London; a hastily arranged marriage; and an early pregnancy, tragedy followed. Her babyContinue reading “Paris, Picasso and Me”

Shadow Child finished!

At long last – like a very, very long and difficult birth, the book is done. I’m happy with the ‘baby’ and I looking for an agent to publish. Fingers crossed… In the meantime, starting work on that elusive follow up novel

Shadow Child update

Novel in its final stages at last! Completion aimed for the end of the year. Here is an excerpt to whet your appetite:    He found an empty bench along a deserted stretch of the riverbank and sat to light a cigarette, in no hurry to get back home yet and just enjoying the solitude. HisContinue reading “Shadow Child update”

Shadow Child

New novel available soon… Colombes France 1669– Private papers and a gold cross are stolen at the deathbed of Charles 1 widow, Henrietta Maria. Groomed, abused and pregnant, Jehanne is murdered in her attempt, watched over by the spectre of her dead mother. Down the centuries the death of the young woman and, more importantly,Continue reading “Shadow Child”

This is me now….

Having completed draft three of mystery/suspense novel, ‘Shadow Child’, during the Covid 19 lockdown, I now face the final hurdle of completion. How to let go is the big issue. Advice gratefully received, but watch this space for updates

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